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 At Red Rock Franchise Development, we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve success in the world of franchising. Our team-based approach is focused on results, and we’re deeply committed to the growth of the brands we represent. While we work with brands of all sizes who need our help, we specialize in building emerging brands!

We believe in building strong connections with our clients and partners, and we take pride in doing things the right way.

We’re committed to operating with the utmost integrity and ethics, and we take a personal and caring approach to every client we work with. We are always present and available to our clients, always ready to go the extra mile to help them succeed!

We understand that building a successful franchise system requires expert training and development programs, and that’s where we come in. Red Rock Franchise Development offers industry-leading training and development programs designed to help franchisors develop and support their franchisees. Our focus is on delivering results and helping our clients grow their existing franchisees, so they can achieve their goals and dominate their competition.

Check out a FEW of the Brands that Red Rock Franchise Development has helped GROW!


Hawaii Fluid Art

Fluid art has gained tremendous popularity due to its captivating and unpredictable nature. Hawaii Fluid Art has perfected this technique, offering customers an immersive experience in creating stunning, one-of-a-kind artwork. We provide comprehensive training [...]


Disaster Blaster

Disaster Blaster is a full-service, indoor restoration firm specializing in water damage, smoke damage, duct cleaning, asbestos abatement, radon mitigation, flood cleanup, mold remediation, meth lab remediation, odor removal, vandalism repair, basement waterproofing, [...]


Up Closets

Up Closets was designed to be something new and unique in the half century old custom closet industry: a home service business that runs with few employees, low overhead, highly effective and disruptive marketing and [...]



Pearce Bespoke is the only Custom Clothing Franchise on the market! We've set out to become the #1 entry-level custom suit experience for young professionals, and Pearce Bespoke is taking a non-traditional approach to disrupting [...]


The Lighting Squad

What is the Lighting Squad? First to market handyman Electric Franchise Low investment - single unit starts at $53K Low overhead, non-emergency service brand High margins, low or no COGs! A truck-based system with 1-2 [...]

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