Up Closets was designed to be something new and unique in the half century old custom closet industry: a home service business that runs with few employees, low overhead, highly effective and disruptive marketing and software that leverages the newest artificial intelligence technology to design closets faster and more efficiently.


97% of realtors say the most coveted quality of a home is an organized custom closet – home buyers value it MORE than attic, garage, or basement space. Plain and simple, unorganized closets create stressed-out homeowners. Up Closets helps our customers get the most out of their space!

What is Up Closets?

Up Closets’ business model provides homeowners with customized storage solutions. The franchisee typically works with clients to design and install custom closets, pantries, garages, and other storage spaces.  As a mobile, van-based business you can operate out of your home with low overhead and still have the potential to generate high revenue.

  • A modern take on a custom closet Franchise.
  • Up Closets uses state-of-the-art AI design software to help franchisees design and sell closets faster.
  • Low-investment business that starts at $61,500.
  • High-income potential – high margin business, Low overhead – as few as 1 employee.
  • State-of-the-art marketing! Priced well to grab market share and compete.


  • Proprietary State-of-the-Art AI Closet Design Software.
  • Total Customization: AI suggests personalized closet configurations.
  • Efficiency: AI optimizes closet space, reducing clutter and your time.
  • Time-saving: AI allows quick visualization and changes to designs.
  • Cost-effective: AI helps users make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary spending.
  • Sustainability: AI promotes eco-friendly choices and reduces waste.
  • All-encompassing home services technology platform that includes, invoicing, scheduling, billing, GPS Tracking, and more.


NO prior design or installation experience is needed! We provide detailed training!

Training includes: One week in-person training at our Corporate Headquarters in Nashville;  Followed by 60 days of virtual training, during which the franchisee meets with the Up Closets Support Team once a week. Meetings are conducted via zoom as well as peer-to-peer & Facebook groups. The Franchisee is also provided with on-call tech support for job-related questions or help!


  • Unique Conversational Marketing
  • Innovative: Stand out with conversational marketing on Facebook.
  • High ROI: Generate leads efficiently for a better return on investment.
  • Personalized: Build trust with prospects through personalized experiences.
  • Scalable: Handle high volumes of conversations with real people for scalable lead generation
  • Marketing Calendars
  • Corporate Marketing Support
  • Pre-made Branded Resources
  • Marketing Training for social media

Competitive Advantage

Up Closets is a NEW type of custom closet franchise. Using AI software, virtual design consultations, and conversational marketing to provide affordable custom closets. Unlike the competition, we utilize direct mill manufacturing, keeping costs low for our franchisees which is then passed on to their customers.