Richard’s Painting is a different type of painting franchise – we don’t go after low-end, price driven sales. We don’t force our owners to spend huge amounts on marketing. We don’t pull in any subcontractor we can get. We are unique and have a track record of making very successful and potentially high-margin painting franchises.


Now is the perfect time to invest in Richard’s Painting Franchise, because no matter the state of the economy, we’re always painting – it never stops. We want to be the premier painter in every community we’re in – and set the standard for quality work. As we franchise across the country, we’re looking for entrepreneurs who share our passion, who want to be leaders, and who want to be involved in their communities. At Richard’s Painting Franchise, our model allows the franchisee to excel in large or small rural markets.

One of the reason the painting category is associated with negative stereotypes is because many painting brands (including some of the biggest) use subcontractors rather than hire employees.  They do this because they must compete for every job, this turns into nothing more than a fight for the lowest possible price. This means that they have to hire underpaid subcontractors and because their margins are so slim, they have to rush to finish projects that result in subpar work and dissatisfied customers.


No Experience Needed! At Richard’s Painting Franchise, we provide a comprehensive and very detailed training program.

You will learn everything you need to know about mastering our business model.  Franchisees will receive one week of hands-on, in-person training at our Company Headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina. Ongoing support and training are provided for the lifetime of your franchise.

We encourage you to send your employees through our training program. Not a requirement, just something we do to assist our franchisees during their initial start-up phase.

Richard is always accessible to answer your questions, troubleshoot problems & most importantly, help you make the right decisions so that your business continues to grow.


Marketing can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of running a business, but it doesn’t have to be.  We will guide you through effectively marketing your business.

One of the reasons why Richard’s Painting is so successful is because we know that a good painting business becomes involved with the community.  Our franchise owners sponsor sports teams, they join their local Chamber of Commerce, they give to charities, they employ local people, and they treat their neighbors with dignity and respect.

Why spend thousands of dollars per month on marketing? We help you market so that customers are searching for you.  This is less expensive and much more effective.

Competitive Advantage

Richard’s Painting Franchise does not hire subcontractors like our competitors do. Our employee-based model means that we’re able to bring on the best talent, train them, provide opportunities for growth and ultimately provide a better overall customer experience. Our services are not the cheapest in the industry, however our clientele believes exceptional work coupled with a high level of professional is worth paying more for.

We believe that painters should be busy year-round!  We excel in small residential jobs as well as large-scale commercial jobs.  A successful painting company shouldn’t resort to other services such as; Seasonal Holiday Lighting or other odd jobs. Most painting companies expect a slow off-season, there’s more than enough work to stay busy all year. We are painters and we paint all year long!

The margins in painting are exceptional and the profit potential is outstanding.  You just need to know how to run a professional painting business, it’s as simple as that, and that is what we teach our franchise owners exactly what to do.

Richard’s Painting is obsessed with quality work and happy customers. This makes us a rarity in the painting industry.  We believe that high quality work is worth more and therefore we charge more than the competition. We believe, Higher quality paints and comprehensive training equals highly satisfied customers! Welcome to Richard’s Painting.


“With Richard’s help and guidance, we were able to hit the ground running! Within our first week of business, we got our first job! I could not believe how well Richard’s system is working for us!”

“My experience with the folks from Richard’s Painting was beyond exceptional. We have recently had replacement windows installed in our home that required staining and sealing on the inside to match the woodwork in our kitchen, breakfast room, guest bath, and laundry room. The team at Richard’s Painting worked together to coordinate everything, and the finished product is absolutely beautiful! I will certainly be using Richard’s Painting in the future. I am planning to recommend the company to my friends for their indoor and outdoor painting projects.”

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