Dryer Vent Superheroes is an excellent first time business for a young entrepreneur, a great family business, a good service model to use to build an empire of multi-units and a great opportunity for someone coming from another service business or trade. This dryer vent cleaning business is affordable and can open in less than 30 days!

The Industry – Dryer vent cleaning

Clogged dryer vents result in over 17,000 home fires a year. When was the last time you cleaned your vents? Dryer vents need to be cleaned at least once a year in homes! Not only does dryer vent cleaning prevent a potential fire, but it also helps the dryer run more efficiently and effectively. This type of service is not only for residential customers- but also marketed to Multi-Family Dwellings, Apartment Buildings & Commercial Clients.

At Dryer Vent Superheroes, many jobs can generate anywhere between $800.00-$50,000 in sales. Aside from home-owners, we work with Beauty Salons, Multi-Unit Family Dwellings, Laundromats, Pet Grooming/Boarding Facilities and more.

Technology Package

  • All encompassing home services technology platform that includes, invoicing, scheduling, billing, GPS Tracking, and more.


  • No prior experience is needed!
  • No licensing required!
  • Easy to learn 4 months of Jump Start training!
  • One week of hands-on in person training!
  • Facetime support.
  • On the job Field training in your market.
  • Advanced training CDET certification.


  • Conversational Marketing Platform
  • A modern-Day Take on a Call Center – We book jobs for franchisees!
  • Innovative: Stand out with conversational marketing on Facebook.
  • High ROI: Generate leads efficiently for a better return on investment.
  • Personalized: Builds trust with prospects through personalized experiences.
  • Scalable: Handle high volumes of conversations with real people for scalable lead generation.

Competitive Advantage

We are the leading provider of dryer vent cleaning and maintenance services in the industry. At Dryer Vent Superheroes, our commitment to quality, safety & customer satisfaction allows us to become the Go-To experts for all your dryer vent needs, helping our clients keep their homes and businesses safe and efficient.

Dryer Vent Superheroes focuses on culture and performance! Make money and have fun without some of the compliance cultures in some franchised brands that ruin the ownership experience.


“I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing dryer vent franchise. Not only do I receive great support from the corporate team, but I’m also able to make great money with low overhead costs. Plus, the work is so much fun and rewarding! I highly recommend this franchise to anyone looking to join a thriving business with a great team!”

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