Musicologie offers simply delightful music lessons to students of all ages and abilities. We specialize in small, in-person, neighborhood lesson Studios. Since our founding in 2014 we’ve taught students ranging in ages from 6 months in our musicologie Junior program, to elementary kids in Accelerated Piano Lab, middle schoolers in RockStars to adults in private lessons.


The demand for music education isn’t going anywhere! Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart taught private lessons to support his composition career. As has been the case for hundreds of years, there are always going to be musicians who want to teach, and there are always going to be parents who want those lessons for their children.

Parents’ attitudes on extracurricular activities were investigated by The Pew Research Center and resulted in 62% of parents earning $75,000+ per year have enrolled their children in music lessons. This underscores the demand for private lessons, especially among families in higher income brackets (and the numbers weren’t much smaller for parents in lower income brackets, either).


  • Best-in-class, internally developed, proprietary studio management software that enhances the student experience and dramatically simplifies studio management.
  • Proprietary teacher playbook software.

Musicologie Training

  • No Experience Necessary! Music-related experience a plus but not required! Just a passion for music is what you need!
  • Comprehensive 5-Day in-person training that covers Operations, Marketing, Finances, Software and more.
  • Online courses consisting of five training modules in Musicologie 101.
  • Ongoing and continued Franchisee Support coupled with ongoing training for the life of your franchise.
  • Community System Communication is available 24 hours a day for questions related to operations, customer service, teacher management, technology and more.
  • Proprietary teacher playbook software.


  • Complete Digital Ad Management.
  • Brand portal for merchandise, curricula, and physical marketing materials.
  • SEO strategy and content, optimized for local studios.
  • Maintain brand social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create and maintain customizable templates for flyers and social posts.
  • Playbooks for local events, local social media, B2B partnerships and local PR.
  • Local community marketing.

Competitive Advantage – Musicologie

Because not every student has the same developmental needs, Musicologie provides a proprietary curriculum designed to fit the needs of the student based on their skill level and adaptability. Our competitors use a set curriculum that they do not deviate from.

Above all, our flagship offering is our music lessons Membership, which generates consistent recurring revenue each month. Our perpetual lesson and class schedule means no enrollment dip during the summer. Then, our group programs add value: Musicologie Junior is a feeder program for private lessons, while Rock Band is a great for engaged families and adults.

Musicologie offers a teaching philosophy that extends to our franchise community. As a result, we are unified by one common goal: To deliver an amazing learning experience.  We utilize best-in-class training, marketing programs, and operational support to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


“My daughter just loves her voice lessons wit. The continuation of voice lessons online is a GREAT idea. Thanks for keeping the kids going!”

“My son has been taking piano lessons for over a year and has developed a love for the piano. Matt is a great teacher who is very patient with him and really makes him want to do better and learn more. Our experience has been great, and I would highly recommend Musicologie!”

“My daughters have had a wonderful experience taking piano lessons at Musicologie. We weren’t sure how it would go because they began virtual lessons early in the pandemic, but our experience has far surpassed any expectations! They always look forward to their lessons and have progressed exceptionally well – much thanks to their friendly, knowledgeable, talented, and attentive teacher, Matt Patti. We wholeheartedly recommend Musicologie”

“I started taking lessons at Musicologie two years ago at the Grandview location and transitioned to the Dublin location recently. I’m an adult student and picking up music as a new hobby has been amazing! I love my instructor and it’s a fun, supportive environment to learn. I can’t recommend Musicologie highly enough.”

“Truly an incredible place! I’ve been a student with Musicologie for just over four years. The staff is so supportive, and I’ve had immense help with my music and completing goals in it (songwriting, auditions, contest, etc.). Highly recommend!”

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