Fluid art has gained tremendous popularity due to its captivating and unpredictable nature. Hawaii Fluid Art has perfected this technique, offering customers an immersive experience in creating stunning, one-of-a-kind artwork. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to our franchisees so you can deliver exceptional results to your customers.

Hawaii Fluid Art’s proprietary style of abstract painting involves pouring and manipulating acrylic paints to create a mesmerizing blend of colors and textures. Each piece is created through a combination of technique and chance, resulting in a completely unique work of art that can be used to enhance the aesthetic of any room. The tangible differences in our art as well as the intangibles our students experience when they walk into one of our studios — a sense of being loved, accepted, empowered and capable — encourage loyalty not found in other art franchises. And, we are continuously adding new art experiences to keep repeat customers engaged.


The craft and hobby industry is expected to grow to almost $44 billion in 2024, and Hawaii Fluid Art helps you take advantage of this growth by offering low cost-of-entry, multiple revenue streams and rapid ROI.

Comprehensive Support

  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Construction Management
  • Soft Opening Support
  • Grand Opening Promotion and Support
  • Marketing
  • Local Fundraising and Special Events
  • Community Engagement and Social Media

Hawaii Fluid Art Training

  • Pre-Opening Training
  • Introduction to painting instruction, techniques, processes, marketing and business functions
  • On-site support to ensure your franchise launches in peak form.
  • Ongoing and continued Franchisee Support to address any issues that arise.

Hawaii Fluid Art Marketing

  • Tools and support from a fully staffed Marketing department to facilitate your successful marketing plan
  • Provide tailored marketing strategies and goal setting with ongoing support to maximize your marketing efforts and investments
  • In-house designer for custom marketing assets

Diverse Revenue Streams

The success of an art franchise depends on its ability to generate multiple revenue streams. Hawaii Fluid Art excels in this area by offering a variety of profitable options beyond traditional art classes. In addition to hosting workshops and art events, you can use your studio for private parties, corporate team-building activities and fundraisers.

We have also established a formal commission structure for local artisans to encourage them to sell their pieces in our retail galleries, and we recommend wholesale vendors that can supply inventory that appeals to customers  seeking “retail therapy.”  This diversification allows you to maximize your earning potential while catering to a wider audience and establishing a strong brand presence in your community.

Hawaii Fluid Art Franchisee Testimonials 

“This is very different from what I used to do, and I love it!  That’s the best part: helping people create their beautiful pieces and looking at the satisfaction and amazement on their faces.” ~ Elva Alcala, Frisco, TX

“I’ve had this dream of running my own business since I was in my early 20s, but life happens… I just love running my own business – and when I do something, I know what the result is and I know the purpose and reasoning behind it, it’s not just because of some manager’s whim” ~ David Rodgers, Boulder, CO

“One of the main reasons I joined Hawaii Fluid Art is my family – one granddaughter is already working here, and I hope that continues with all the others as they get old enough.  I hope this will be a family business that gets passed down and shared.” ~ Linda Etherton, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love that every single person that walks through our doors gets to create something absolutely unique, regardless of their experience, age or ability” ~ David King, Tinley Park, IL

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